Friday, July 18, 2008

Know About The ‘Price’ Of A Tummy Tuck

First and the foremost, to get a tummy tuck procedure you need to take some time off your busy schedule as this procedure all-in-all takes 2 to 4 hours. The time taken depends on the complexity of the case.

Abdominoplasty sculpts, tightens, and contours the abdominal wall but when combined with another cosmetic surgery procedure, it can take longer.

Contrary to popular views, a tummy tuck cannot be applied to treat obesity in its entirety. Instead, surgeons and physicians recommend going in for a plastic surgery procedure like tummy tuck only if the body does not respond well to diet and exercise.

Liposuction gets rid of the excess skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen (the section below the navel). If your problem is the persistent tyre of fat showing above your bikini, this is the right procedure for you.

The results of tummy tuck surgery are very impressive and last only so long as you continue to maintain it through regular basic exercise. Due to the muscle-tightening function of this surgery, your abdomen will be flatter and firmer.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of California, there are consultants who will give you appropriate advice for your plastic surgery procedure and answer all your queries.

Abdominoplasty, being a major elective surgery is expensive; but here at our advanced surgical institute we have a range of financing options, which will make your surgery affordable for you.

If you need to get more information on any of the cosmetic surgery procedures, we are just a click away.

Jenny’s Leftover Belly – Will She Tuck It?

Jennifer Lopez is looking simply splendiferous just 3 months after giving birth to Max and Emme, her twin children. We are left wondering how out of character it seems that a performer of such a high caliber as Jennifer Lopez chose to remain chubby and hold on to the post-pregnancy body.

She is plump all over- from her jell-o arms to her fuller cheeks and curvier body. Jennifer has simply got more curves to add to that legendary body of hers.

Given her plastic surgery-friendly outlook, it is unnatural for the singer/actress to disregard a belly tightening option like a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck procedure could effectively trim out the belly that Jenny confesses she loves to toy with.

She says, "It's amazing how your stomach goes goes boop and it's this jiggly mass. I even play with my little leftover belly."

It could be a long process if Jennifer Lopez is looking to lose her stomach fat through diet and exercise. The movie she is acting in after a 3-year-gap might even compel her to have a tummy tuck surgery, given Jenny's penchant for perfection.

The 45-50 lbs she gained for a smooth delivery of her twins needs to be lost soon though and we wonder when and how exactly is Jenny going to do something about it.

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Difference Between A Tummy Tuck And A Mini Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty re-establishes the strength and integrity of the abdominal wall by repairing the separation and stretching of two major abdominal wall muscles that are normally held together over the abdomen in order to give it its strength and tightness.

A tummy tuck also eliminates the loose, stretched-out skin along with stretch marks in the lower tummy, as well as rejuvenating a crooked belly button.

A mini-tummy tuck or mini-abdominoplasty is not as extensive as the traditional tummy tuck procedure, requiring only one hour of surgery as opposed to the three to four hours needed for the latter. In addition, the patient is usually released from the hospital within a few hours of the mini-tuck.

A mini-tummy tuck does not alter the shape of the belly button. It does not involve an extensive undermining and tightening of the abdominal skin, thus making it possible to incorporate it in a full liposuction of the abdomen and flank.

This combination might be a better choice for those with excessive fat but limited laxity of the abdominal muscle.

While the incisions for a "full" tummy tuck can extend from hipbone to hipbone, those of a mini-tummy tuck are much shorter, usually extending only the width of the pubic area and similar to a C-section scar.

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Time For A Tummy Tuck? Blame The Fruits

Bring out all those sayings about fruits being your best friend and keeping the doctors away and so on and so forth and kick them all in the gut (or in the pit)!

If recent studies are anything to go by, that slice of apple is going to conspire to add a millimeter or two to your girth and if you are the type to chow down seriously on fruits, you could be heading for a tummy tuck surgery.

U.S. scientists found that fructose, a monosaccharide that is found in fruits in addition to glucose, could be potentially disturbing where weight control is concerned. The study found that too much of fructose could hasten obesity and diabetes in individuals.

They don't fail to add that processed foods and soft drinks are also big donors of fructose and caution people to tamp down on the urge to chug a can of your favorite cola. High-fructose corn syrup or HFCS while not as harmful as pure fructose can also be a promulgator of weight gain.

Many of the nation's obese opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure like lipoplasty or a tummy tuck as a short-cut to controlling weight and maintaining a toned tummy. While at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California we don't encourage such an attitude, we do offer tummy tuck procedures as a solution to those who have failed to lose weight the traditional way.

A tummy tuck is a great course of action for individuals who have had next to none success with diets and exercise. Sometimes a bad lifestyle is enough to skew the physical appearance of a patient and if a diet rich in pure fructose has found its way to your palate, then we can find you a solution at our advanced surgical institute.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jade Goody Needs A Tummy Tuck More Than A Botox Party

From one of the most-hated women in Britain to one of the most sought after celebrities, life has been a roller coaster of sorts for Jade Goody.

Springing up from a difficult childhood Jade practiced as a dental nurse until Big Brother snapped her up in 2002 and eventually kicked her out for her behavior. Since then fame and fortune have pursued her as closely as her crazy personal life.

One of the more
priceless bloopers attributed to Jade Goody is her liposuction surgery which she apparently had for marketing her fitness DVD. While it is not really surprising that she had cosmetic surgery, what is unexpected however is that she did not follow it up with a tummy tuck.

As a woman in the spotlight who finds it difficult to control her weight, Jade Goody really requires a
tummy tuck procedure. Recent pictures of Jade in a bikini while vacationing in Marbella, Spain have surfaced and her scars seem very prominent (a tummy tuck can hide such scars).

There is no muscle tone in her belly as well- another problem that a
tummy tuck in Los Angeles or Orange County at our advanced surgical institute can cure.

Looks like Jade needs that
tummy tuck surgery more than she needs to add Botox to her face.

Visit the
Plastic Surgery Institute of California to know more about a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills and our attractive tummy tuck prices.

The Ideal Tummy Tuck Patient

In this reality TV day and age where anything can be and is done by anyone on national television, people are getting tummy tuck procedures done on a large scale. A fraction of them (realistically speaking) somehow has problems after the procedure making them dubitable candidates for an abdominoplasty in the first place.

Surgery in itself is something that ought to be completely avoided by certain people. Even a plastic surgery procedure like abdominoplasty falls in this category.

So how does the doctor spot the ideal tummy tuck candidate?

Broadly speaking, the ideal person to have a tummy tuck procedure is someone who has been unable to tone his or her abdominal region, even with the help of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

While most people associate cosmetic surgery with women, the male tummy tuck is becoming an increasingly common way for men to flatten the difficult-to-tone stomach area. Abdominoplasty is also a fairly common method of toning up a woman's figure after pregnancy.

As with any other cosmetic procedure, the results of a tummy tuck can vary. Before settling on any conclusions, candidates should discuss their goals with their surgeons in order to establish a reasonable outlook.

In addition, patients should be committed to maintaining their post-surgery results with a stable diet and regular exercise after the surgical procedure.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of California we have consultants who will readily clear your doubts and attend to all your queries. Visit our advanced surgical institute to check if you are the ideal tummy tuck patient.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Minimally-invasive WLS Officially Improves Morbidly Obese Teens


This is why health conferences and hardworking researchers sweating away in their labs are so important. When they bring out amazing news like this, our lives become just a little bit safer and better.


The scientists at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center discussed a study which pointed out the benefits of weight loss surgery. Teenagers that are morbidly obese and overweight were the focus of the study and the findings could prove to be very helpful in treating the growing ranks of this group in America.


The teens studied were found to lose an average weight of 20 lbs. in just 6 months after a Lap-Band procedure. While lower fat levels and diabetes-causing agents were found to improve, it is unlikely that they will be able to polish off the results of the treatment with a tummy tuck.


The after-effects of the surgery however in itself, should be able to let such teens enjoy the results till they are of an age to have a cosmetic procedure like tummy tuck surgery. Indeed, tummy tuck procedures are offered by top plastic surgeons only after the individual has been found to be over 18 years of age.


This is not to mean that no exceptions are made as there are some children who face health and related problems due to excess weight. To know what's best for your child let us know at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California and we'll help you out.


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